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Some kids broke into my garage and apparently thought ripping down the
v572ab would magically make the lights (all X-10 controlled) come on so
they could see what they were stealing.

It was a quick grab and run hit so they didn't actually get much of value
and seemingly grabbed some of the easy to carry plastic tubs I store
stuff in without looking in them. I guess they figured X-10 stuff looked
electronic enough to be worth something so they grabbed my bucket of
spare X-10 parts and took the V572 and psc05 as well.

Does anyone have a spare v572 and psc05 they'd be willing to part with
cheap? I still have the antenna and wall wart (thieves are idiots). This
is in a big metal building that bounces RF like crazy so I actually need
the 572 to be able to use a remote from more than 20 feet away.


Any suggestions for non-X-10 motion sensors with controls for both
sensitivity AND latch duration? Cheap is a key factor. Numbers for
outdated models I might find on flEBay would be ideal.

This is for a scratchbuilt 12V DC motion only siren system for a remote
garage that I have no plans to install a phone line or any other
amenities. I need to tweak it carefully so the neighbor who will call me
if it goes off steady doesn't end up waking up 3 times a week for false

I plan to set a sensor near entry points that just "chirps" every time
motion is detected, very short latch delay, to warn off the idiots that
broke in once so far. Further inside, in places less likely to generate
false alarms from animals/birds, I'll set some with 60+ second latch
delays to make their ears hurt.

Thanks all,


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