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Hi All,

I'm prewiring a new addition for a wall-mounted flat screen TV. The
cable box, TiVo, DVD player, etc., will be located in a cabinet against
another wall. My question is what cable(s) will need to be run between
the video source (the "boxes"), and the TV itself?



Re: TV pre-wire question.....
John Morley wrote:
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What's the distance involved?  Are you planning on using the HDMI input
on your flat screen?  What's the equipment you've got?  More details
please.  :-)

Re: TV pre-wire question.....
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Without any details, we can't say.  But my general experience is that - over
time - you will end up using ALL of the inputs into the TV.  Plan


Re: TV pre-wire question.....
John Morley wrote:
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I depends on how you want this system to work.

Due to the distance between the source equipment and the display I would
do most (if not all) of the switching at a receiver located with the
source equipment. If you do this you will not need as many cables going
to the TV. While you didn't mention a receiver I would put one in so you
can have surround sound which is quite nice. I recommend Yamaha
receivers because of their room filling 5 channel stereo mode that makes
even the oldest source material "come alive".

At a minimum I install 1 RG6 and 2 cat5 cables to any TV. In this case
more would be better. While you can run just about any signal over cat5
the baluns required to do so get expensive.

A little more information about your goal and equipment would be helpful.

Re: TV pre-wire question.....
I would run 1 composite, 5 component (L/R+3 for video), 2 RG6 and 2
CAT5e cables.  Unless the room is rather small, skip HDMI.  That
should cover just about anything you might use.

Alternatively, run 1.5 or 2" conduit and place a pulling cord in it
so you can install whatever you like later.


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