Solar Powered Cameras for Long-Term Time Lapse Videos

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A hot trend with bright future in time lapse for the construction industry  
is wireless solar powered cameras. As we know, projects of construction com
panies don?t get completed overnight; it takes months and years to  
execute a single project. In this duration, construction site witnesses dif
ferent weather, power issues, security problems, maintenance of cameras and
 many more. For construction time lapse, solar powered time lapse camera so
lves these issues effortlessly.

What Makes Solar Cameras Hero to Time Lapse Videos For Construction Sites?
Maintenance Free
Once the solar camera is installed, it doesn?t require any maintena
nce, in terms of changing or charging batteries, fixing loose wires/cables,
 replacing damaged wire and everything that can affect your camera?
s performance.

Mounting as per Requirement
There is no limitation on height in these cameras. As these are solar power
ed cameras, you can mount it at the height from where all images of your si
te can be captured to make your time lapse video significantly communicativ

Assured Power
Wireless construction cameras work on solar power, so, there is no interrup
tion in their performance. In the presence of sunlight, the batteries save  
energy which help cameras work at night and in cloudy atmosphere

Ruggedized Cameras
Not just the workforce, the cameras also have to be tough when it comes to  
performing at construction site.  Constriction time lapse wireless cameras  
are designed in a way that helps them sustain in a stringent environment.

Why Choose Studio52 Time Lapse when it comes to Wireless Solar Camera?
At Studio 52 ,  we provides end-to-end solution that includes site survey,  
Wireless Solar Camera installation and timely delivery of top quality time  
lapse video & 24/7 on-line services. Our Solar Powered Time Lapse Cameras  
fit the requirement of monitoring at your construction company for short or
 long term time lapse vidoes for your construction site progress.

Our Products Include:

MC-30 Series
HD color images with high resolution | Solar powered cum wireless camera sy
stem | Simple set-up process | Monitor from anywhere | Automated time-lapse
 | Fully featured user-interface.

MC-60 Series Video Surveillance Camera
Solar powered cum wireless camera | Built-in digital video recorder for lon
g time recording | DVR upload to minimize cellular data usage | Live view w
ith high frequency images | High resolution automated time lapse | Build-in
 power system

Site Watch Pro Series Camera Systems
Solar powered cum wireless | Long range motion detection & altering | Built
-in digital video recorder (DVR) for continuous recording | Simple to insta
ll and access | Built-in power system

Studio52  have  experience of more than 4 decades and we have mounted solar
 powered time lapse cameras and delivered time lapse videos for constructio
n and many other companies from diverse industries. To mount a wireless sol
ar camera that can capture your success story, connect with us for our serv
ices : and .

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