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I am looking for a decent source of home automation parts.
Looking for either an online retailer or print catalog....

Yes...Ive looked around on the net...but I would like some opinions
from folks who have also dealt with the retailer they are

Also Im looking for someone who carries a wide selection of
goods....not just a thermostat or two.... wiring, sensors etc....

Im probably going to go with the weedertech system but I know Im also
going to need some other accesories to control hvac and lighting

I just cant seem to find one source with a real good selection of

thanks   ~:>

Not X-10 related but hardwired equipment.

Re: Parts Source needed
On Apr 24, 6:16 pm, wrote:
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Worthington ( is probably one the best out there.
They sell to both the trade and public.  Also look at the signatures
of some of the regular posters in this group.  Many of them are in the

Re: Parts Source needed
Gee try googling "X10". Also look at ""
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