IR543 and Macros

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I have a CM11a computer module with a couple macros set up in it.  I
also have the Transceiver Module (RR501) and an IR543.  I have to have
the IR543, so my Universal IR Remote can control my X10.  When I send
lights on/off/dim signals via the IR543, everything works fine.
However, when I send a macro (using 5 off in my case), nothing happens
with the IR543.  Through the RR501, it works fine.

Any ideas why this might not work.  The IR543 should just send the same
type of signal as a light for the macro, right?

BTW, I have several light and appliance modules as well.


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I think I now have some ideas what is going on.  It appears to be a
phase issue.  When the oven/dryer is on, everything works all the time.
 However, what is weird is that that the CM11a controls EVERYTHING
without an issue.  Yet with the IR543, it doesn't seem to be able to
get the signal to the CM11a.  If I turn the oven/dryer on, it works.
It is kind of peculiar, but it seems like I need a coupler.  Any
suggestions on the best/easiest ones to use.


Re: IR543 and Macros
On 10 Jan 2007 19:38:40 -0800, ""

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Easiest would be a 220V plug-in coupler.  Since it works with the dryer
on, you could probably get by, /at least for those particular
locations/, with a passive coupler: 4-pin, or 3-pin
The 4-pin coupler has worked well for me for several years.

If you have a larger home, and/or you plan to expand in the future, you
could go with a considerably more expensive active coupler/repeater: 4-pin 3-pin

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