Insteon App Installed on Two Phones

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I am using the Insteon app on two phones to control some switches and outlet modules.
should the two app "synch" and show the same devices ?
with the same names ?
this is not the case. and is causing some issues.
also i seem to have some "phantom" schedules for a device which does not appear in either of the apps.

just to complicate, i also use Alexa and Harmony remote to also control the same devices.  

Re: Insteon App Installed on Two Phones
  I've always just let them sync between tablets/phones/Alexa.  The only
real problem I've ever had was when the hub died.  Sure, I had a spare hub,
but then the Insteon security got in the way.  Devices are registered to a
specific hub MAC address.  Change hubs, you have re-register every device.

I ended up taking the orignal hub apart and replacing the capacitor that
failed, rather than go through the pain of recreating everything. :)


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Re: Insteon App Installed on Two Phones
Seems the trick to synching is to make sure to click  
"Get Latest Configuration" when done.
After doing this on both phones, I have a much more uniform situation.

Still have a "phantom" schedule on one device (insteon plug in wart).
I could probably delete the device from all scenes and such and delete it completely and then reintall and join scenes. But would really like to know where the ghost schedule lives......

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