How Ex Proof CCTV Cameras Help Organise a Potentially Explosion Proof Environment

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In almost all modern workplaces, video monitoring and surveillance is ubiqu
itous. In industries like mining, oil and gas, nuclear power, and energy, a
 traditional CCTV camera won?t be enough to handle the job. In such
 industries, since human lives and assets get exposed constantly to a wide  
variety of hazardous threats, advanced technology is required to monitor an
d address the inherent challenges.

Explosion proof CCTV cameras are the ideal choice for increasing occupation
al safety in these risk-prone work environments. From explosion proof digit
al cameras and PTZ cameras to explosion proof PTZ cameras with night view a
nd more, you will find various varieties available in the market. If you st
ill wonder how you can use these ex proof cameras or how they would help in
crease safety, here are some benefits these cameras bring to the table.

Reliable and sturdy: Explosion proof cameras come equipped with an extremel
y sturdy frame. Even in hazardous work environments and extreme weather con
ditions, they can let you consistently monitor your operations.Reliable and

 proof digital cameras with any computer or mobile device. This way, you ca
n constantly monitor ongoing activities at the plant or rig, no matter wher
e you are. Noticing any potential hazards and nullifying it, or recording t
he reason of explosion, these video feeds can help lower risk levels.24x7 m
Superior image quality: Why does this matter? Imagine having a camera insta
lled that sends grainy or blurred images, or nothing at all when it?
?s pitch dark. And that?s exactly what explosion proof housing CC
TV cameras can help you avoid. These cameras have features like excellent c
olor fidelity and image quality (even at high frame rates), autofocus, moto
rized optical zoom, and exceptional light sensitivity. Thus, they can cover
 great distances, and provide detailed images or wide overviews, along with
 capturing images in low light. Explosion proof cameras with night view can
 let you monitor your workplace even when it?s pitch dark.
Superior image quality

Increased safety features: Many modern explosion proof video cameras for ul
timate safety have integrated intelligent features like Cross Line Detectio
n, Video Motion Detection, or Active Tampering Alarm. Using such features a
nd video analytics, these cameras are capable of analyzing inputs constantl
y to notice an event, and respond to it automatically with specific actions
 like sending alarm notifications.
safety features

Data safety: Explosion proof video cameras work effectively even when an ex
plosion or fire occurs. Since they have DVR units for recording, these came
ras ensure that you have footage of the event, which can help in finding th
e exact cause of the accident later. Such footage may even help in training
, detailed analysis, or for resolving legal safety
Remote accessibility: Once you have integrated the explosion proof housing  
CCTV camera with your surveillance system, you can use any authorized compu
ter or mobile device to access its real-time footage from anywhere, and at  
any time. This will facilitate remote monitoring and remote maintenance of  
a hazardous area.
remote access

The health and safety of employees working in hazardous environments is und
er a huge threat, as the growing number of accidents prove. Relying on the  
revolutionary technology and exceptional results of explosion proof cameras
 is the need of the hour as it can help improve safety of both assets and h
uman lives.

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