Forklift Cameras- A Potential Requirement in Warehouses and Storehouses

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From decades ago, forklift operations have never been an easy task! Due to  
heavy loading, forklift operators tend to make blunders, which in-turn lead
s to accidents and damage.

As a warehouse/storehouse manager, it would become a vital requirement to r
educe such accidents, if not avoided. However, even if one considers intens
ive training, strategic hires and equipment upgrades as significant steps t
aken, ?Vision? still remains the biggest challenge for the  
operators. The reach of forklift operators to visualize where they are and  
to verify mishandling of products is of utmost importance, failing which it
 would lead to serious damage of products, equipment and the worse, to peop

Wireless forklift camera system is one of the excellent instruments which p
ermit the operator to have different views around the lift truck. Its insta
llation is absolutely simple and can be employed in the front, back, sides  
or anywhere around the lift truck where visibility is limited. Forklift Cam
eras contribute directly to increased visibility and thus an increase in pr
oductivity. It helps operators at warehouses to deal with a number of forkl
ift concerns such as:

High and low racking heights
Double-deep racking
Reading product and rack levels
Indoor and outdoor lighting
Video recording of human resources, product verification and management and
 training opportunities.
Forklift camera system also works well with any kind of operational or atta
chment tasks, to list a few:

Push pulls that push the load on cardboard
Roll handling for paper and sheet metal
Turret trucks with forks that swing different ways
Side Shifting Fork Position attachments (SSFP)
Having said that lets list out the impact and certain benefits of wireless  
forklift camera for Warehouse/storehouse:

Improves Productivity: Even the most experienced forklift operator experien
ces fatigue in the time spent analyzing to see behind and around the forkli
ft. Wireless forklift cameras help in visualizing the entire field without  
letting the operator change its position, thus reducing neck and back strai
n and increasing productivity and force.
Eradicate Trial and Error Time: The capability to see through the forklift  
cameras and to analyze where the forks fits well, certainly reduces repetit
ive trial and error time. At the same time it also reduces the risk of dama
ging products, as operators have a clear view of where and how the forks ar
e being placed.
Reduces Staffing: Given that wireless forklift cameras provide clear visibi
lity, it can help avoid hiring a guide to assist the forklift operator, thu
s reducing manpower.
Zeal for Young Operators: Hiring new forklift operators can often be challe
nging. However, forklift cameras create a fun and interactive experience fo
r the youths who can identify with the ?video game connection?
? they experience from operating a forklift.
So gear up to upgrade your forklift operations with a Wireless forklift cam
era system and having any difficulties, do connect with us at www.sharpeagl, for we believe in having a solution for all your forklift camera need

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