Ex-Proof CCTV System: Smart Security Solutions for hazardous, rigorous and risky working c...

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If you are a part of in oil and gas industry than you would know that it is
 the most hazardous and risk prone industry. Every year more number of acci
dents and injuries are reported in oil and gas industry than any other file
d of work around the world. Whether it is offshore rig or onshore rig, expl
oration activities or production activities, each bears the same risk. If y
ou are in a responsible position to ensure safety and security of employees
 and assets in oil and gas industry, here is an innovative and currently tr
ending technology to help you. Explosion proof camera. Drillers and explore
rs around the world are using this innovative technology to prevent acciden
ts, reduce downtime and increase safety and productivity. There are a host  
of explosion proof cameras available in the market such as explosion proof  
fixed camera, explosion proof PTZ camera, explosion proof night view PTZ ca
mera and more.


Here are 4 biggest advantages of installing explosion proof camera
Monitor and record site operations

Explosion proof digital cameras are widely preferred for monitoring site op
erations in hazardous areas. Further if the camera is equipped with DVR uni
t, you can also record the footage. Such continuous site monitoring & recor
ding ensures increased productivity as well as safety of workforce.

Access from remote location

Explosion proof CCTV cameras can be accessed from a monitor or mobile devic
e from remote location. This is a big advantage as you don?t need t
o travel to the exploration or production site to monitor operations, which
 is more convenient as well as saves travelling time and cost.

Long term and trouble free performance in hazardous areas

Unlike intrinsically safe cameras, which are more of short circuit and fail
ure proof to prevent sparks, explosion proof cameras are specially designed
 to offer long-term and trouble free performance in stringent environment w
ith adverse temperatures and are marked for installation in Zone 0, Zone 1,
 Zone 2 or other zones as specified.

Preserve footage in case of accident

Ex-proof CCTV system will not fail in the misfortune event of an explosion.
 Thus, it will help you in preserving footage of the incident. This footage
 may prove critical in analyzing what caused the explosion, facilitates ins
urance and other legal procedures and also can be used for training purpose

Different explosion proof digital cameras come with different features. So,
 select the one which is more suitable to fulfil your requirements. Also ma
ke sure that your explosion proof cameras have ATEX and other required cert
ifications. For more information on ex-proof CCTV systems, you can visit ht

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