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I have an old CM17A Firecracker that I would like to use for a very simple
application.  The current Firecracker software available on the X10 site is
for the cm19a and it does not work with my old CM17a.  Anyone know where I
can get the original software and drivers?

Re: CM17A Firecracker Software
On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 00:49:24 +0000, Donald Morley wrote:

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AFAIK the xfire.exe file you download handles either the CM17A or
CM19A.  Can't you right-click on the PalmPad image, select the
setup option, and enter the COM port manually?

(I don't have a PC running Windows in operation right now so can't
check the xfire.exe from the website.)

Re: CM17A Firecracker Software
I am running Vista home edition.  The palm pad never shows on the screen.  I
do get a setup screen, when I click on it nothing happens.  Sometimes I get
a rundll32 error

Re: CM17A Firecracker Software
On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 18:54:57 +0000, Donald Morley wrote:

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Most likely the software is not compatible with Vista, and possibly
not compatible with Win XP SP2 either.  I recall I had it working on
a desktop under Win XP SP1 with an actual RS232 serial port, but
just tried it on a borrowed Win XP SP2 laptop with a USB->Serial
adapter.  It managed to send one signal, then locked up and both
the firecracker and x10net processes had to be killed in the task
manager before it would work again (for one more shot).

A Google search for CM17A yielded several hits for freeware/shareware
programs for Windows.  Perhaps one of these would work.

Re: CM17A Firecracker Software
What you describe is exactly what is happening.  Thought this would be
easy..I should have known.  Thanks for your help

Re: CM17A Firecracker Software
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I can confirm the CM17a does work with XP, SP2. I can also confirm it
does not work with a USB to serial cable.

I havent yet tried this on Vista, though. Is'nt there an option to run
programs in an XP-compatible mode?



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