Andersen "PowerAssist" / OMNIPRO II

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Looking to have an OMNIPRO II control Andersen awning windows via their "ne
w" PowerAssist electric operator.  

Andersen's documentation on this is less than complete and, after a lot of  
aggravation, I was able to learm that their "engineer" tested this "automat
ion" with a PC and a USB to RS-485 converter.  He "believes" that a serial  
to RS-485 converter will allow the OP II to talk to the windows.  I'm not s
ure I want to bet $10,000+ on his "belief."  

I'm not looking for a DIY installation.  Has anyone actually gotten *any* O
MNI controller to "talk to" Andersen windows with PowerAssist?


P. S.  I know others have connected earlier Andersen electric windows -- I  
have too.  This question is specifically about their *current* (2013+) elec
tric window offering.

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