802.11 wireless home security

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Hello everybody,

I'd like to know about affordable wireless based security systems
(802.11 standard).

I have an Internet broadband access and a good Linksys AP... yes, yes I
know Linksys has a wireless cammera with special notification system of
motion or sounds sending by e-mail attaching the video.

But as you know, d-link and lynksys systems are very expensive and I
just want some device who detect motion or sound and transmit by
wireless a notification alarm to my e-mail, just that, not video...
jmmmmhmm but don't sound bad if this device send recorded voice from
specific range of time.
Other way is to detect opened main door and transmit it by 802.11 to
the AP and send notification by Internet to my e-mail.

Thanks for any ideas or products.


Re: 802.11 wireless home security

What version of 802.11? Anything less than 802.11i can be broken in a few
seconds to a few minutes. Bluetooth is even worse - it can be broken in

emontene@gmail.com wrote:

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Re: 802.11 wireless home security


Not trying to argue but how can you break 802 and blue tooth so fast?

I've been trying to crack wep and its taken over a weak because of no
traffic. I only have one laptop (XP) so I can't generate traffic. I
know it would be much better without windows.

I know there are much better people then I but I'm playing around wth
it abit.


Re: 802.11 wireless home security

Question has been asked several times.

Search the archives....

Google is your friend

Google on "Cracking Bluetooth"...
http://www.eng.tau.ac.il/~yash/shaked-wool-mobisys05 /

Google on "Cracking WEP"...

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Re: 802.11 wireless home security
I just want A DEVICE for survirllance using wireless technology no
more, for the paranoid networkings, let me tell you, filtering the MAC
and a good AP linksys with a good user admin password is enough.

I found some solutions who provides wireless motion detection and send
the alarms by GSM network, so, I want some product that sends the alarm
notification by e-mail using my broadband access by 802.11 (b or G or
whathever) (unfurtunatelly tech that I found is in china...).


Dave Houston ha escrito:
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Re: 802.11 wireless home security
emontene@gmail.com wrote:

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Dream on.

Re: 802.11 wireless home security
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Like Dave said, you must be kidding.  What's even worse about the simple
routers is their complete lack of any kind of security alterting.  I can
beat on my (or any other) wifi router until the cows come home and it'll
never once burp an alert warning.  As for MAC filtering, sniff out the ones
currently in use and masquerade as one of them.  Be patient.  Most of the
MAC addresses end up being on laptops or desktops that get powered off.
Step right in, run even the most rudimentary brute force dictionary attacks
and it's owned.

WiFi for home security seems like a terribly, ridiculously insecure idea.

Of course, all home security systems can be compromised.  It's just a matter
of how easily.  I'd prefer a hard-wired system anyday over a completely
wireless one.  A bit of mix-and-match might be reasonable.

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