US Robotics 9105/9106 firewall

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I've got a US Robotics 9106 modem/router and I see it uses iptables and
ebtables (same as 9105 ?). There seems little technical information availble
in newsgroups, forums and websites. The best I have is a command line
reference and whatever help programs like iptables display. Does anyone know
a good spot (preferable a a NG or a forum) where "real USR hackers" hang out

Or ... what I'm looking for at the moment;
  - where are the iptables (and ebtables) sources stored
  - can I use both the web- and command line interface without interfering
  - is ReAim (reaim) really necessary when not using AIM and how do I stop
  - any pitfalls
  - all the technical docs / tutorials / etc available

Thanks in advance,

Re: US Robotics 9105/9106 firewall
I have the 9106 router.
First I thought there were problems because I couldn't reach working
servers by requesting them with the internet ip.

After a while i found that my servers are accessible external (not on my
lan) but not internal because the router blocks the loop.

I believe that the webinterface does the same as what you do with telnet.

Great router btw!

I don't now anything about specific newsgroups or help files...

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