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I am a freelance writer for a computer magazine, and my current
assignment is to interview "network professionals" who write
interesting blogs. (I'm perfectly willing to reveal the name of the
magazine once I've made contact with a good subject. I'm sure all
network professionals will recognize it.)

My editor has defined "network professional" in the following terms. If
you don't meet the qualifications, please don't bother replying.


1) Network professionals with jobs that specifically relate to
following types of technology:
LANS, WANs, network, directors of technology/IT/MIS/IS, CTOs, data
center managers, admins of servers (or any hardware), admins of
operating systems like Windows.

2) Avoid computer programmers, IT helpdesk, training professionals or
technology consultants.

3)Sorry, no IT professionals that work for computer technology
companies. These are vendors, not users.  Off limits industries include
software, computer hardware (servers/PCs, routers, switches, IT
security appliances, etc.), semiconductors/chips, IT consulting. Highly
technical industries other than the computer industry are fine
(aerospace, biotech, automotive, industrial manufacturing, etc.)

4) Avoid blogs about technology opinions as these very common among our
readers - unless there is something particularly unique about the blog
(it's influence or angle, for instance).

5) Interview subject must agree to be named (including job title and
company) and photographed.

If you fit hte above profile and you'd like to be considered for an
interview (just think of the added readers to your blog!) please e-mail
me at the address below.

Susan S.

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