Stupid PIX configuration question.

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I am stuck with the simple config issue.
Here is what I have configured:

The PIX 501:

Inside - simple one range C network (255 addresses with NAT)
Outside - 4 public addresses network (PIX -Gateway)

+ Simple access-list and VPN.

What I am trying to get.

I want one machine on the internal network to share one folder
to one outside (public IP) machine by using standard Windows
protocol for shared folders.

And I can not make it to work.

Could someone help me with it?

Step by Step instruction will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.



Re: Stupid PIX configuration question.
On Feb 22, 8:23 pm, wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Without knowing the software version you run on the PIX, the your
current configuration, what you have tried, the kind of VPN you want
to use, the VPN client you use, etc. it is difficult to say.

There is a lot of documentation on Configuration guides for

and more documenation including the reference guides

The configuration guides contain detailed descriptions how to setup a
variety of VPNs including the exact config commands.


Re: Stupid PIX configuration question.
Thank you for pointing me to the Cisco guides.

Lets put it the other way and simplify the task.

I have Cisco PIX 501 with the firmware version 6.3.
There is NOTHING CONFIGURED on it. Clean system.
Only NAT and the route outside are there.

Outside interface is connected to the internet provider switch.
Inside interface is connected to only one Windows machine.

Here is the task:

Windows machine  inside (IP =
Windows machine outside (Public IP)

The inside machine has only one shared folder which is wide open.

Please tell me what needs to be done to get
that  shared folder on the internal machine
to become visible and accessible from the Internet
machine. Standard Windows way (like map network drive)
is preferable.

Thank you.

Re: Stupid PIX configuration question.
On Feb 22, 9:52 pm, wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Did you read them?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That already isn't nothing.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

There are many flavors of Windows out there.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

As I have written before the proper way to do that is to setup a VPN.
You did not answer which kind of VPN you want to set up or which VPN
clients have or want to use. The configuration guide for your software
version contains instructions how to set up various VPNs with various
Windows versions.

They also contain information/links how VPNs work which you don't seem
to know. You will have to read and understand that because otherwise
you may end up publishing the shared folders to the public.

Assuming you have Vista or XP on the remote computer you should
already have the L2TP/IPSec client. Instructions how to setup the PIX
and the Windows computer are in the configuration guide. If you have
the Cisco VPN client you can also use that. Instructions again, in
detail, are in the configuration guide. Other VPN clients can be used
as well. But without knowing which clients you have or want to use it
is impossible to say.

But so far, everything you need is in detail with explanations and
even some screenshots in the configuration guide. Just click through
the table of contents or look for L2TP, IPSec, or VPN in the index.


Re: Stupid PIX configuration question.
It might be easier to run a simple PPTP server on your PIX 501 as the
Windows clients are super easy to configure. Here's a sample config:

Also, try searching for vpdn and PPTP.


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