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All I'm trying to do is figure out a command line query to look at the
entries inside of a netgroup.  I tried:

cf acl query table=netgroup | grep partial_netgroup_name while this correctly showed me the external netgroup on the
acl, it only showed a one line entry for the internal netgroup (the
netgroup I actually want to see the contents of from the command
line).  I've already verified through the gui console that the
netgroup has a number of entries inside of it -- the command line
above just doesn't seem to want to show it; it only shows a one line
entry stating the netgroup and a backslash (\\)

I also tried:

cf acl query table=netgroup | grep more_descriptive_netgroup_name

...thinking that maybe the output from both my internal and external
group that were being reported were filling some buffer and that with
the first command, I was just filling some output buffer but still
nothing.  when i run this new command, it still shows me the correct
netgroup, it jsut doesn't expand the netgroup and show me all of the
objects in it, only the backslash again... =/

anyone know what's going on or what i'm doing wrong?



Re: Sidewinder Command Line Query Questions...
"cf acl query table=netgroup" works for me. Have you tried "man
cf_acl"? You do mean net group and not burb right?

Re: Sidewinder Command Line Query Questions...
On Dec 6, 5:11 pm, wrote:
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I'm not saying cf acl query table=netgroup doesn't work -- I'm saying
it does.  Let me elaborate... Lets say my netgroups was named ftp_int
and ftp_ext for my internal netgroup and external netgroup
respectively.  if i did a cf acl query table=netgroup | grep ftp i get
the two netgroups in the resutls.  I also see all of the ip addresses
listed in my ftp_ext BUT the only thing i see for my ftp_int group is
"acl add table=netgroup name=site__ftp_int \\" -- but 0 members of that
netgroup listed.  =/

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