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I have an ADSL router (ZyXEL Prestige 650R) providing internet access to my
network.  This all
works fine.  Using NAT, I pass port 80 requests from the router to a web
server, this also works fine.  My problem is that I cannot properly test any
web applications I create except by using the local network address, i.e.
http://webservername/test.html works fine, but
http://staticIPofRouter/test.html doesn't work from within the network.  So
what I want to know is, is there any way of me testing the latter address
from within the network (it works fine if I test it from off site, but this
is impractical most of the time).


Re: router

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Hi Joseph
From your inside network, u cannot test a "published" service (HTTP for
example) using the external address of your Routeur cause you're doing a
loopback request.
That's why u gotta type an internal name and not an external name.
So if u want to test your rule, many solutions exists but you have to be
Outside your network.



Re: router
OK, thanks for the reply.

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Re: router
On Fri, 13 May 2005 13:05:08 +0100, "Joseph Byrns"

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Try using the dial-up modem from one of your computers to connect to
the Internet. You will probably have to juggle with the Internet
settings so that you can use two NICs at the same time. I donīt know
if this would work but I would give it a try.

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