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Can someone recommend a web site that publishes bad reputation URLs?
I'm looking for a list of URLs that are known to distribute malware.
I'm also looking for a such a list that is publicly available.



Re: public service - url filtering
On 29 May 2007 02:52:40 -0700, wrote:

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The first thing that comes to my mind is to use something like the MVPS
hosts file to get a list .  I
don't know of any site that creates a list of bad sites, per se, other than
something like "Site Advisor" , which you
actually have to know the site url before they will give you a report on
it.  You can also get "bad domains" from IESpyAd , but you'll need
to parse through the RegEdit scripts to find them.

Re: public service - url filtering
On May 29, 9:52 pm, wrote:
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most anti-spyware/adware programmes have an option to protect your pc
from threats, this usually involves dumping thousands of sites into
your hosts file. spysweeper is one and spybot is another. You might
want to leech their lists.


Re: public service - url filtering
We use SafeSquid, as proxy and application layer firewalling.
It has an option to query with, to confirm that the url
that the users visit, do not belong to an unwanted domain. If a domain
is listed with, access to that url is blocked.
The details are available at

SafeSquid can also use the flat file categorised database, like from, to block access to any of the 72 categories. You can
download the database once from
You need to register to get regular updates.

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