Perimeter Firewall/UTM Suggestions?

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I'm looking for a device to put at the edge of our network.

I would want it to do the following:

Act as a basic source/dest/protocol/action firewall to allow packets in
and out to/from our servers.
Have a minimum of 2 DMZ ports.
Allow the internal and DMZ interfaces to work in either NAT or Route
mode (selectable per interface).
Have some sort of URL filtering via an external database i.e.
Surfcontrol CPA/ISS
Have the means to add/exclude entire domains from this filtering.
Some level of IDS.
A/V would be nice but not essential.
Hardware appliance.

The basic scenario is that outbound access for our LAN users would be
handled by a proxy server on the LAN, so for outbound traffic (i.e.
concurrent users) all this device would ever see would be the external
IP of the proxy, as well as any traffic coming from our DMZ's.

The internet connection will be 100mbps, though I anticipate average
usage to be low, and bursty i.e. low average but when someone wants to
download a large file it'll burst to as fast as we can get it.

Because of this, and the fact that it won't have to handle connections
from hundreds of of LAN machines I'm hoping to be able to look at a
fairly low end box.

So far I've been looking (on paper) at:

Juniper SSG 140
Sonicwall 2040 and 3060
Checkpoint VPN-1 Edge
ISS Proventia MX1004

But of course there are many manufacturers out there.

I'd appreciate comments and suggestions.


Re: Perimeter Firewall/UTM Suggestions? says...
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WatchGuard Firebox X755e - has up WAN, LAN, DMZ and you can add optional
5 other ports (as LAN, DMZ networks).

Does all that you ask above, good support, simple to learn, and if you
want GB network connections you can use the x1250e series.


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Re: Perimeter Firewall/UTM Suggestions?
Paul Hutchings wrote:

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Personally I like the boxes from Clavister

and Fortigate /


Re: Perimeter Firewall/UTM Suggestions?

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Thanks, just checking those out now.

So far the ISS Proventia looks good.

Also looking at Network Box and Secure Computing Sidewinder - be
interested in any views on those.

Re: Perimeter Firewall/UTM Suggestions?
I second the Fortigate suggestion - although i do have a vested

Re: Perimeter Firewall/UTM Suggestions?


I also second on Fortinet choice while ZyXEL UTM products worth a deep

ZyXEL UTM appliances are really good ones, I have seen them closely and
I do
recommend them.



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Re: Perimeter Firewall/UTM Suggestions?
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    My vote would go with Juniper, meets all the above criteria.
    I have over 28 firewalls in production from SSG5 to ISG1000.

Juniper docs...

    Might also check out the Juniper forums.. / /


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