NetGear DG834 to Zywall 25 VPN setup problems...

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I'm trying to setup a vpn connection between my DG834 and a Zywall 25
firewall, with no success so far.

Both boxes are running latest version of respective firmware.

I'm trying to setup an ipSec tunnel between the two gateways. I get
the following error:

xx initiating Main Mode
xx sending notification INVALID_PAYLOAD_TYPE to <invalid>:0

Both routers are set to use 3DES/SHA1 but it seems that they don't
agree on the handshake.


* did anyone manage to setup such a VPN ? If so would you mind posting
the settings used ?
* is there any way to get more detailed logging of the key exchange ?
* is there any other settings past the one available through the web
interface ?

Any help / pointer most welcome



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