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I am finally giving up on Zone Alarm.  I just tried to update with 5.6.062
and had alll sorts of problems.  I had the same type problems when I updated
with the first level 5 upgrade.  I know - I should know better, but Zone
Labs used to be dependable.  Now they are shit.

I am looking for a hardware firewall for my home with two computers, hooked
up thru satellite (Direcway).  I know that there have been several
discussions about these before but I am looking for some fast advice on a
reasonably priced one.

Assistance anyone?

Don Dunlap

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Since most of us have no idea how the connection for your SAT works,
please describe it.

Does it connect via a Network cable?

Does it require any software to authenticate with the service?

What type of connection? PPOP, PPTP, DHCP, etc...

Do you have it connected directly to your PC or to a switch and then to
your PC?

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