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Not very long ago I posted questions regarding the use of a
USRobotics router 8045 connected by cable to a single PC
and connected to the net by a Westll DSL modem.
as a firewall.

I have now installed such a router and it allows me to send
e-mail and to look at websites. I do not know how to check
its effectiveness as a firewall and I have let ZoneAlarm in
place. When my antivirus software asks for access to the internet
and I grant it, updates can be downloaded. When I shut ZoneAlarm
off however, then the antivirus program reports it has no access to
the internet and does not download updates. Seemingly the router
blocks access to the internet, but does not so when ZoneAlarm is

I would appreciate to learn answers to the following questions:
How can one check the effectiveness of the router's firewall?
How can I set up the router in such a way that selected programs
other than the browser and e-mail can access the internet?

Some details: I went to and set up as admin
and set a password.
LAN IP Address is
LAN Subnet Mask is
DHSP Server is enabled.
Range Start
Range End
Obtain IP automatically (DHCP client) is checked.

I think I may be missing something.


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