m0n0wall Project Ends

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Probably anyone who cares about BSD has heard this news already:


It's possible someone will pick it up or fork it; hope so as there isn't
anything else quite like it - most of the alternatives mentioned seem to
have significantly higher hardware requirements and/or a different focus
with respect to user interface, target audience, or functionality.

Re: m0n0wall Project Ends
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Since the above EOP announcement the m0n0wall source code has been forked
into two separate successor projects, SmallWall[1] and t1n1wall[2].
SmallWall appears somewhat farther along and is expected to make it's
first stable release soon, with the RC3 development release available for
test as of 03/21/2015.  t1n1wall has its latest (04/03/2015) development
snapshot available for download as well.  Both projects have discussion
forums and appear committed to the m0n0wall project's original goals of
providing a lightweight BSD-based firewall for embedded PC hardware.

[1] http://www.smallwall.org/
[2] http://t1n1wall.com/

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