Kerio: Allowing specific subnet through VPN adaptor

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Hi all,

I'm trying to access remote Windows fileshares over a VPN conneciton I have
to work. Kerio is my firewall.

Kerio was blocking traffic from 192.168.*, since it was coming over the VPN
adaptor and not my ethernet adaptor (which has 192.168.* as a trusted zone -
I'm running behind NAT).

So I tried to add the above subnet as a trusted zone to my VPN adaptor too.
It seems that I can't do that, since whenever I try to assign any IP
address/subnet/range to a VPN adaptor, the dialog changes and I can only
enter the address of the VPN server itself.

I worked around this by changing the existing NAT rule to apply to ALL
adaptors on my PC and not just the ethernet one. Filesharing now works over
the VPN connection.

Two questions:

1) Is it safe to allow traffic from 192.168.* from any adaptor in this way?
Suppose I somehow connect to a unauthorised network with the same subnet
(possibly via another VPN connection, or Wifi etc), this rule will allow
traffic from it by defualt.

2) If not, how can I set an IP range/subnet for the VPN adaptor only?



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