How do you safely debug a firewall issue?

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I'm having firewall issues, from around the time of the XP update
about three weeks ago.
Now I noticed that it's not allowing me to use the Winamp Media
Library.   ZoneAlarm
didn't even ask, it seems it just blocked it. When I go to my Security
Center in Control
Panel, I see the Firewall as being on, I take that to mean that I've
now got back the
Windows Firewall (which I thought was off).

How do you safely start from a relative zero point to track down a
problem?  If I turn
off the firewall in the Security Setting, am I only turning off the
Windows Firewall, or
am I turning off ZoneAlarm from that setting?

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Re: How do you safely debug a firewall issue?
RS wrote:
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No. The Security Center only shows whether an application has
registered itself as active firewall on the computer. The Windows
firewall is one of those which make the Security Center show an active

Just check whether the Windows firewall is turned on of off in the
firewall control panel "firewall.cpl". That should tell you the
current configuration of the firewall.

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So far you did not really describe the problem. If ZoneAlarm is
blocking something you should fix ZoneAlarm or deinstall it.

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Which "Security Setting"? The Security Center (if that is what you
have meant) only shows the status, but you cannot change the setting
there. It just points to another control panel to make changes.

If the Security Center says you have no firewall active then you
should have no firewall running, although it is depends of course
whether ZoneAlarm correctly keeps the current status in the security
center or not...


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