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I have a WatchGuard III 700 firewall. I have a Microsoft 2003 SBS
server with RRAS configured for VPN connections. I am having
difficulties connecting a XP VPN client to the 2003 server. I can see
in the firewall log file that port 1723 is being passed through to the
2003 server but it is denying GRE (47). Below is an excerpt from the
log file:

12/14/06 15:12  firewalld[129]:  deny in eth0:1 57 gre 20 115 X.X.X.X
X.X.X.X (default).

Each time i tried to establish a VPN connection i receive an error 721
connection could not be established.

I'm not quite sure where I need to allow the GRE (47) in the services
arean of the WatchGuard. Ihave port 47 allowed in the firewall rule for
VPN. I did read you need to setup port 47 an "IP" protocol but when I
do this it doesn't allow me to enter a NAT for the 2003 server.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated


Re: HELP!!! says...
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Why not add the PPTP rule to the firewall so that you can properly pass
PPTP inbound?

Open the Policy Manager, click Edit, Add service, expand Packet Filters,
double click PPTP, give it a name of PPTP_Inbound, and add it. Now, you
have to setup the rule, INCOMING From ANY, to (NAT the Server IP),
outgoing (set as you want).

Now, consider that the 700 will act as a VPN End-Point, you should
really be having your remotes VPN to the Firewall, then create access
rules for each user/group as to what ports and what IP's they can hit.
We never map PPTP past the firewall.

This will work if you use the proper services for rules.

Do you have a static IP on the WAN?

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Re: HELP!!!
  Thanks for the help, I followed your instructions about adding the
pptp_inbound. It does not give me a option for NAT in the properties of
the service. How do I add a NAT statment to the service if it does not
offer me the option? I have dynamic NAT enable and entries for the
server I am trying to connect to. I am newbie to the watchguard and
maybe I am just missing a step.


Leythos wrote:
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Re: HELP!!!
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You need to allow GRE on your firewall, which is IP *protocol* 47 (just
like TCP is IP protocol 6 and UDP is IP protocol 17, see [1] for more
information), not *port* 47. I'm not familiar with Watchguard, though,
so I can't tell you where/how exactly to do that.


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Re: HELP!!! says...
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I have about 60 WG firewalls in service - there is a PPTP rule that can
be added, instead of just doing ports, the rule autoconfigured the ports
(including GRE) when added to the firewall rules. I posted the details
about this for the OP yesterday.

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