Good anti virus & firewall solution

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For the past couple of months, I have had problems with NIS 2004 & NAV
2005 not dealing with threats from the Net, correctly.  One time, I
left Outlook opened for later review of an important mail. Only to come
back and find my system in a loop.  This problem was resolved -->
Format C:\\. :(  Then last one has Norton Firewall reporting a BA Trojan
Horse. Eh, is NAV 2005 sleeping on the job, or what?  It turns out that
Norton did deal with the threat in a mediocre fashion, as McAfee Anti
Virus couldn't find it.

The McAfee AV is borrowed from a friend and I'd like to investigate a
new solution; as opposed to Symantec's.  My friend is a system engineer
and feels that Windows XP SP2's Windows firewall does a good job for
inbound traffic. He may well be right; however I prefer a two way

My PC is part of a home wireless network and I can only control my PC.
While I'm certainly no techie, I am pretty computer literate.  Yes, I
want the solution to be easy to use and good detailed setting. Windows
XP is a little to simple for me.

I have heard about Trend Micro's new suite. How is it? How is the
McAfee's Internet suite?

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