Getting remote Desktop to local pc

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I am trying to do this:
I want to pull the display of a sun machine on to my local pc.

network is like as:

    Local pc ----Router-------Firewall-------sun machine
                  Cisco 1750   Netscreen

I am using Xmanager on my pc.
On the f/w ihave opened tcp port 6000 but still no remote display.

Do ihave to open some other port on the firewall? Also do i have to
open a tcp/ udp port on the cisco router.

Please advice

amit kaushal

Re: Getting remote Desktop to local pc
Are you running NAT on the firewall? if so have you created a MIP

run a debug flow basic > send a port 6000 packet > get db st

The output will tell you. a. whether the packet reached the firewall
and if so b. why the firewall blocked it.


Dave Sinclair
NetScreen Authorised Security Instructor

Re: Getting remote Desktop to local pc

i am very new with the f/w. Little bit more information please.
Also from my comp as i hit the router i get an i-p
address, my m/c ip add is in 10.0 series. on the f/w i have allowed it
to go thru as the , i am natting it on my router.
any ideas??


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