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hello. I'm new to this group. Ive done a search for the topic at hand,
but all topics failed to answers my concerns.

currently, as it stands, my computer lies vulnerable to attacks as i am
using no firewall software, with the exception of windows XP firewall.
i have read it doesn't offer much protection. i know of two "free"
firewall applications, kerio, and zone alarm. i have tried kerio
before, however, as i don't have the money to pay for it, and to be
quite frank i don't agree with stealing, especially something like a
firewall, it didn't really suit my needs. ( i share this connection
with other computers.) i have read some bad things about zone-alarm,
and that it does not protect very well at all.

i need a good, free firewall solution. buying a hardware firewall, or
other pay software is not an option, as i have no spare cash.

if anyone could help, i would be appreciative. thanks.

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Hi. Try this link:

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Re: Free Firewall software
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Hi Todd,

On 30 Mar 2005 19:21:23 -0800, you wrote:

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In the past I've used ZoneAlarm Free, Zone Alarm Pro, and Tiny/Kerio.
I'm now using Sygate, and it seems to work as advertised.  Even in
the free version there are many options for creating custom rules, so
depending on how interested you are in tweaking, I suppose that can
be a good or a bad thing! :-)  Anyway, here's where you can get the
free version of Sygate:

I've recently attempted to supplement my Sygate PFW with an
inexpensive router that also claims to be a "firewall" of sorts
(Linksys BEFSX41), but after visiting this news group, I quickly
learned that I dare not use the "F" word to describe my humble little
"glorified NAT router"! ;-)  Anyway...

In an somewhat different direction, if you have a spare computer
handy, you might consider setting up your very own version of a
"hardware firewall appliance" (Eek!  I hope I don't get in too much
trouble for so freely using that particular revered phrase!). ;-)

If I had a spare computer, I might have tried something like this.
Here are a few links I just now found with a bit of googling... / /,39020427,2118364,00.htm

If you're interested, you can google on things like "Linux Firewall",
or "Linux Firewall + Hardware", etc.

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Re: Free Firewall software
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LOL ;-)

Duane :)

Re: Free Firewall software
Hallo, you wrote:

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That's good enough.

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It isn't right, they aren't better.

Look here:

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Look above.

* Be a restricted user.
* Don't use the Internet Explorer for the internet.
* Don't run any malware on your computer.
* Don't offer services for the internet.


Re: Free Firewall software
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I'm using ZoneAlarm. My (Netgear) router also claims to provide Firewall
protection. I assume its just a basic packet filter.



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If you should try Sygate Firewall, as Melissa suggested, you might
find the following useful:

Unofficial Help:

Sygate Forums: /

Users Guide and Quick Start Guide:

Compare SPF Pro and SPF Free (See what's inside each one)


I have used Sygate for about 4-yrs. now and I find it to
be an excellent firewall that has been trouble free.
To set it up properly, some knowledge of IPs, protocols,
and ports is needed.  You can start out using it in its
simplest form and add rules as you learn. (as I did)

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