Firewall exception list advice

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For a while I had a set-up I was happy with (Nod32 and Kerio) but after
being disapointed with Nod32's support  ditched them for Trend Micro's
Internet Security which I thought might be convenient with integrated
AV and firewall.
Convenient it was, running straight out of the box but the level of
control leaves a lot to be desired. To cut a long story short I now
have a long firewall exception list (and I can't remember what the
original list was like) that I would like to trim to a minimum without
messing around by trial and error and wonder if anyone has any
suggestions. I run it in "High Security" mode and basically just want
to be able to surf, use Hotmail, https and listen to streaming audio,
maybe use ftp once in a while. Just in case someone thinks it's
relevant I run XP pro and have a cable broadband connection. In fact it
would be ok to baseline the system if I only knew how to get the
firewall to start re-learning which connections I want to use.

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