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Trying to configure ESET Security Suite v3 to allow bridged networking
from VMware Workstation v6 but virtual machines not being assigned IP
addresses via DHCP on router.

Have tried creating various rules but no success. Only way to allow
network access is to switch VMware to NAT translation. However, I need
each virtual machine to have separate IP addresses - anyone know how
this can be done?


Re: ESET Security Suite & VMware
On Dec 23, 1:39 am, staveley wrote:
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AFAIK VMware can be set to use Bridged networking, then the guest OS's
will have their own mac addresses and network connectivity. I mainly
use vmware server (free edition) and you can definately do it from

Failing to see what ESET has to do with your networking setup though?
Do you mean you have it on your PC that's running VMware and it's
blocking outbound traffic? I use nod32 v2.7 and it doesn't do anything
like that with me, it only blocks inbound traffic.


Re: ESET Security Suite & VMware
On Sun, 23 Dec 2007 06:00:06 -0800 (PST), Steve Williamson

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Thanks for the response Steve.
Should have been more explicit - ESET Security Suite installed on the
host PC and was not letting virtual machines access the local
workgroup or the internet via bridged networking. Switching the
virtual machines to NAT enabled the connections.

However, I've just de-installed ESS & VMware then installed the latest
version of ESS (3.0.621) followed by a re-install of VMware and
everything appears to be working via bridged networking. Guess it was
a problem with the older version of ESS, network gremlins or just me !

Have a good Xmas.

Re: ESET Security Suite & VMware
<staveley> wrote in message
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Cany you tell me, in what order are the "eset personal firewall" and "vmware
bridge protocol" displaying in your lan connection's protocol list?
In my case the eset is on top of vmware protocol, maybe that's the problem?

Re: ESET Security Suite & VMware
vani wrote:

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That's definitely not the problem, since it"s not a priority list.

However, I'd say the problem is obvious: ESET Personal Firewall is one of
the typical personal firewall scams, where clueless people actually take the
obviously ironic overstatements of the promised functionality for serious,
and at the same time don't bother to even look at the implementation - which
would tell them that the actual functionality of this software is to create
random network errors as well as security problems.

Re: ESET Security Suite & VMware
Sebastian G. wrote:

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Version 3 of their antivirus is rather like that too.;)


Re: ESET Security Suite & VMware

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We have stopped recommending Eset products after my little ruin with Eset
"customer support".

We had a customer that could not run Peachtree Accounting as long as ESS 3.0
was installed.  And, I had problems sharing files among 3 XP Pro SP2 PCs -
only hooked to a router in a workgroup at my home.

When I contacted Eset, it took 4 phone calls and 3 hours to try and work
thorugh the issue.  We never got it solved.  They promised a call the next
day - which never happened.

I had emailed them about the issue on January 17th, 2008 and they did not
respond AT ALL until January 24th.  Even then it was only to instruct us how
to generate log files and email them to Eset.

We are a small business networking company and would NEVER think of letting
our customers hang in the wind for 7 days when their business networks were
being affected by something that we have done.  So, we uninstalled Eset on
their network and on my home network.  And, after I rebuilt one of my XP
machines, everything is working just great.

Was it really an Eset issue?  We'll never know, as they abandoned us in our
hour of need.

I had also asked Eset "support" about the red "theat screens" that advise
users of a threat but offer no actions to take.  They show a big red threat
screen and there is no "quarrantine" or "delete" button to click and there
is no indication that NOD32 is doing or has done anything about the reported
threat.  You just have to shut down the screen by clicking the red X in the
upper right corner to close the window.

Now, how much confidence does that instill in a customer?  Not much.  They
call us asking if the threat was cleaned, and we don't know.  There is no
log of the actions taken by NOD32 in cleaning threats.

And, from time to time, some applications will "just stop working" with
NOD32 or ESS 3.0 installed.  The reason is usually that Eset's software has
seen the legitimate, benign software as a threat and has either quarantined
it or outright deleted some core files.  It does this with NO notification
to the user and no log file showing what it deleted.

When I mentioned this to Eset's technical support, the support person said
that they knew of these problems and were "trying to get the coders to do
something about it".  That's scary.  They aren't in control of their coders?

When they finally emailed me back on Jan. 24th, I told them that we would
not and did not keep our customers waiting 7 days to fix their problem.  I
advised them that we would no longer install Eset products or recommend them
because of the horrid technical support that we recieved.

They responded by sending me a childish email mocking my decision to not run
buggy software on my customer's networks and even saying that they wouldn't
even run their new software.  Then why, exactly, are they selling it to
other people and why isn't it labeled BETA if they don't even trust it?

When I replied that I would post thier childish emails on the relevant
newsgroups, they again replied with a childish email attacking me, their
former customer and advocate.

I really advise anyone seeking a good antivirus suite NOT to use Eset

Jim Hubbard
President - Worry Free PC

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