Can Cisco Content Switching works with firewall cluster (Check Point+ RainWall) ?

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Dear Honorable Experts,

I have a question about Cisco Content Switching and firewall cluster
(Check Point + RainWall) which made me wonders if these can work each
others. We currently in progress to set up Content Switching between
two location (which shares same private and public VLANs). At the same
time, we running a firewall cluster which covers three enforcement
servers (two at location A and one at location B). For
load-balancing/H.A solution we used RainWall in the firewall cluster.
FYI, there are one public VLAN, two private VLANs (behind the
firewalls) and one synchronization network for three enforcements to
synchronize each others.

So, my questions are

a) Do Cisco Content Switch works with firewall cluster (Check Point +
RainWall) ? As I understand Content Switch and RainWall is a similar
load-balance/H.A. solutions except both running on different platform
(hardware and software based).

b) If it works, any documents or resources out there which helps us to
set up this?

c) If it doesn't works due to similar natures of these products
(Content Switching & RainWall), which is the best way to solve this?

Thanks for your reply and enlightenment about this matter.



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