Blue Screen of death, Stop error in windows xp

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I have been seeing quite a few posts regarding the dreaded Blue Screen
of Death, and what the STOP codes mean. This is a fairly extensive
list of the most common stop errors, their corrasponding codes, and
recommended solutions.

When Windows XP detects a problem from which it cannot recover, it
displays Stop messages. These are text-mode error messages that report
information about the condition.

Stop messages, sometimes referred to as blue screens (BSoD), contain
specific information that can help you diagnose and possibly resolve
the problem detected by the Windows kernel.

This list describes these messages and helps you understand and
interpret them.

This list is NOT exhaustive or meant to resolve EVERY error.
This list of messages is a guide to individual messages and their
possible causes and resolutions=85 Having a basic understanding of these
error messages enables you to communicate with your technical support
professional more effectively too.

With all these Stop messages, you can pretty much assume someone else
has encountered the problem before you. That is why tying in the error
message into , posting a notice for help on a relevant
newsgroup and entering the stop code into the =93Microsoft Knowledge
Base=94 can yield help just when you need it!

Here is the (long) list: /

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