Application Firewalls That Inspect Protocols?

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It has been a long time since I have needed a new firewall, and I would like
some pointers on developing a short list for the following requirements:

* Firewall should not only support rule-based processing on the usual
variables (IP, UDP/TCP, Source and Target Port) but also be capable of
inspecting the protocol traffic over the port.  This would be to prevent
someone from running a different protocol over an open firewall port.

* Support a minimum of 30 IPs on the inside part of the firewall.

* Extremely easy user interface, preferably using a native Windows

* Cost under $1K

If there is a good article reviewing these types of firewalls please supply
the URL.


Re: Application Firewalls That Inspect Protocols?
On 2015-03-11 01:48:02 +0000, W said:

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Have you looked into Fortigate Firewalls made by Fortinet yet?  I  
really like them and there easy to set up and use through their web GUI  
or via the command line and they have great customer support. I just  
replaced an 8 year old Fortigate 200A at my company in exchange for a  
new Fortigate 300C from Fortinet because we were finally reaching the  
200A's connection limits (300 users).. Im sure they offer a model that  
would fit your needs.

Re: Application Firewalls That Inspect Protocols?
On 2015-05-07 22:34:51 +0000, 1QKUSMC0311 said:

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I also forgot to add that the Fortinet offers an "entry level piece of  
hardware which is a Fortigate 30 "Security Appliance" but from me just  
looking at the specs on the 30 series, it may not be able to do all the  
advanced things that the 200 and 300 does.  Id probably check with  
Fortinet first

LOL , one thing that I do know, is that if youre not opposed to buying  
a used one online, you can get a 200 or 300 series for cheap that will  
do more than youll ever think about doing on your network!  We paid  
over $6000 for our new 300C (with a support contract) which is  
considered "mid level" but if youre trying to save money, I'm seeing a  
couple used 300C's online for just a little over $1000, or you get the  
200 series under $1000 all day long. I know some companies (mine  
ecspedially) wont buy anything without a support/maintenance contract  
of atleast 1 year but thought its worth mentioning.  

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