Active Directory with Win2003 VPN server

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I am creating a small network for some remote development needs. I had
created two servers when I started this project WITHOUT AD installed.
They are both Windows 2003 boxes. I had the Remote Access role
enabeled and was able to VPN into the network fine and access the
enterprise Visual Studio.NET server fine. In fact everything worked
just fine.
The small network is now growing and the remote user base is about to
grow more then I thought it would in the beginning therefore I have
added a domain controller. Once I added AD and DNS the VPN access will
not work. I have gone through all of the directions that I have found
but I still get the same error message when I try to connect: Remote
Server didnt respond!!
When I attmept to connnect it goes to the IP immediately and then
attempts authenitcation but will hang on "verifying username and
password" and then finally errors out with before-mentioned error.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.....


Re: Active Directory with Win2003 VPN server
Two issues come to mind.
First, have you checked your logs for error messages?

Second, since you are experienceing growth on the network, is it possible
that you have exhausted the IP address pool ?

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