Splicer Donation Sought (old and manual is fine)

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Well, less than 6 months in operation and already the first break is
upon us. I got in some mechanical splices that I can afford for now, but
would like to get a permanent splicing solution (ie, fusion) on hand, as
even renting one once or twice is going to burn my budget. Trolling far
enough up the 'bay to buy one that might actually work is also looking
to burn my budget.

Singlemode. Old, clunky, manual, fiddly and generally cantankerous are
all fine, and would seem far more likely candidates for donation than
new, svelte, automatic and spiffy, though I would not mind such if they
happened. I can actually stand "not so great" splice loss pretty well,
as I'm using singlemode 10km electronics with about 500m as my longest
link. Equipment that may or may not function is fine - I tinker well.

501(c)3 nonprofit (private high school). Formal acknowledgment of all
donations provided. Equipment will be used both for maintaining network
and some hands-on student experience in fiber optics.

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