SDH Interoperability.

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Hi All

My question is regarding the inter-operability of SDH Systems from
different vendors. I hope I have reached the correct forum....if not
please ignore.

Here is the scenario:

1) Case 1:
Nortel ADM -------Nortel Regenerator -------- Huawei ADM

2) Case 2:
Nortel ADM -------Huawei Regenerator -------- Huawei ADM

In both cases, the SDH signal is STM-16.

Finally, is inter-operability the same thing as shown in the above
cases or it points to a different layer of inter-working?

Thank to all.


Re: SDH Interoperability. wrote:
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There are problems:

The overhead SDH
The management network

The regenerator is not the problem.

You can trie but if you have 2 SDH systems is more difficult than one
SDH systems.

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Re: SDH Interoperability.

Hi Trantor

Thanks for the reply

You mentioned there could be 2 issues:

a) Overheads:
My understanding is that all the overheads in SDH System are well
defined and any vendor manufacturing SDH equipment has to comply with
the ITU standards, ensuring that all the overhead bytes have same
meaning and same number of bits. I believe there could be exceptions
like national/country bits and vendor-specific bits but they do not
matter much in the overall working of SDH.

b) The Management Network
I understand the NMS/EMS may not work in this case but as a temporary
measure, the individual nodes could be configured locally using there
own management systems.

Considering the above details, could there be any problem in SDH
traffic delivery? How about alarms? Please elaborate.

Any other expert in these matters is also welcome to participate.


Trantor wrote:
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