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So you need something to scribe the fiber in order to cleave it at the
tip of the connector prior to polish - or for more general cleaving, if
not using a fancy cleaving machine (Which seem mostly to be carbide
scribes, I guess.)

Scribes are offered in Ruby, Sapphire, Carbide and Diamond.

Yet I can't find anything about the supposed advantages of one material
over the other. All are far harder than glass, which is most of what's
needed. Obviously diamond is hardest and most expensive - but "better"
or just "most expensive, makes Ogg think must be bettur?"

The first three are about the same hardness, the first two are basically
the same mineral (corundum) with different dopants for coloring. So why
the different flavors on the menu? Some sort of "I'd rather push my
Ford/Chevy than drive a Chevy/Ford" thing with scribe material, or a
tangible difference?

Cats, coffee, chocolate...vices to live by

Re: Scribe Material Choice
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Ecnerwal wrote:

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Carbide scribes work well, especially when new and sharp and are cheaper
to replace (to keep them new and sharp). Never worked with anything other
than a carbide scribe but I don't think it would need to be any harder
than carbide: almost anything can leave a scratch this small on glass,
just has to be sharp enough not to push the fiber while scratching.

Best Regards,
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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