Question about Fiber Tapping Device??

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Hi, everyone,
I know the SM fiber (1310nm) can be tapped by some device which can
bent the fiber a little and then steal the optical signal inside. By
passing the signal amplifying procedure, we can get the copied optical
signal. All the procedure can be done without cutoff the fiber. The
link below can give a example.

I've searched lots of place, but what I found is the fiber tap which
need cut off the fiber and then connect the fiber to the tap-device
which has lots of FC/SC interface.
So dispointing...What I need is just restore the optical signal
without cutoff the fiber!

My question is:
    Is there something which just satisfy my basic requirement? If
does, could u tell me the name and keyword for such thing?Or even
better, could u give me a commercial link or page?

Thank u.

Best wishes

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