Polarization loss with distance

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I am looking for references to published measurement data on the rate of
loss of linear polarization with propagation distance in multimode
and/or singlemode fibers.

Note that this is not the same as the rotation of polarization with
distance travelled.

For example, a test could be that one launches pure linear polarized
light and measures the remaining degree of polarization as one cuts the
fiber back.  

At great distance, all polarization is lost, so the light passing
through a rotating linear polarizer does not change with rotation.  At
short distances, the light passing through the rotating polarizer varies
greatly with rotation angle, achieving extinction at some rotation
angles.  In between, there is variation but no extinction.

Thanks in advance,

Joe Gwinn

Re: Polarization loss with distance
Joseph Gwinn wrote:
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Do you mean birefringence or polarization mode dispersion (PMD)?


Phil Hobbs

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Re: Polarization loss with distance

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Hmm.  Both, I suspect.

The intent was to have some idea of how much coupling between modes
there really is, and polarizations of the same mode are perfectly
matched for energy transfer and eventual equipartition.

Joe Gwinn

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