Optically Routed NOR Gate Array

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A historical curiosity I guess.  There was some work done in the mid
fifties to early sixties on neon lamp/electroluminescent sources
coupled with photoconductors to make logic gates.  However none of the
papers I have read so far show an array that is "routed."  They also
didn't have YouTube to make it as fun.



I am routing with 1.5mm and 1.8 mm clear vinyl craft cord.  It cuts
with scissors and works well enough for short distances I am working

Happy to read any comments, suggestions of criticisms.


Re: Optically Routed NOR Gate Array
Dmitri(cabling-Design.com) had written this in response to
EdV  wrote:

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This does look pretty cool ! (but would look cooler yet if the camera was
on a tripod :)   My first thought was why it's not LEDs and photodiodes
but then it wouldn't be 50's tech so neon lamps make perfect sense.  

I'm curious how much current does the gate draw? Is it similar to or
perhaps any better than the semiconductor equivalent? Considering that in
an IC you usually get more gates than you need...

Oh, and now I known that clear vinyl craft cord makes a great lightguide.
Sometimes an LED indicator is located on a PCB in an awkward place. I've
used thin clear acrylic rods to bring the light up to the front panel but
the vinyl cord seems to be flexing so much better yet still retain the
light. My guess is that it is also cheaper or at least easier sourced than
acrylic rod.  I've got to try that!

Best Regards,
Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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