optical fiber spatial mode calculation using measured index profile

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I am trying to figure out methods to calculate spatial mode(s) inside
optical fiber using measured refractive index profile.

First thing that i can think about is Finite Element Analysis.

Is there other way to get this calculation done?

Re: optical fiber spatial mode calculation using measured index profile
In article

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"Beam propagation method" (BPM) is one of the buzz-phrases you want to
search for.

Some available books:

[1]   D. Marcuse, Theory of Dielectric Optical Waveguides, New York:
Academic Press, 1974.

   Keywords: Early laser books,  Fiber optics, BPM, planar waveguides,
Leaky modes, Hollow waveguide, optical waveguide analysis.

[2]   M. J. Adams, Introduction to Optical Waveguides: Wiley, 1981.

   Keywords: Early laser books,  optical fiber, optical waveguide
theory, Graded index, Hollow waveguide, optical waveguide analysis.

   Abstract: The book presents an integrated introduction to optical
waveguide theory, covering planar, rectangular and circular guides. In
each case progress from the conducting-wall to dielectric versions,
including graded-index distributions, is discussed. The theory is
applied to a wide range of practical problems including; guidance in
stripe-geometry heterostructure lasers, various guiding structures for
integrated optics, hollow guides for waveguide lasers and dispersion in
monomode and multimode optical fibres. (778 refs.)

[3]   T. Okoshi, Optical fibers: Academic Press, 1982.

   Keywords: Early laser books,  Fiber optics, book, optical fibers,
optical waveguide analysis.

[4]   A. W. Snyder and J. D. Love, Optical waveguide theory: Chapman and
Hall, 1983.

   Keywords: Early laser books,  Fiber optics, book, optical waveguide

   Notes: Classic early work, very extensive and detailed -- but not
always easy to read.

[5]   C. Tsao, Optical fibre waveguide analysis: Oxford University
Press,, 1992.

   Keywords: Fiber optics, book, optical waveguide analysis

   Notes: Haven't seen this?

[6]   K. Okamoto, Fundamentals of Optical Waveguides: Academic Press,

   Keywords: Optical waveguides, fiber optics, BPM, FEM, optical
waveguide analysis

   Notes: Very good, detailed text on optical waveguide and fiber modes
and especially on numerical methods for calculating such modes,
including FEM and BPM methods.  Recommended by George Lawrence.

[7]   K. Kawano and T. Kitoh, Introduction to Optical Waveguide
Analysis: Wiley, 2001.

   Keywords: Optical fibers, waveguides, numerical calculations, FFT,
BPM, optical wavegide analysis

   Notes: Good summary of equations for analyzing optical waveguides and
fibers, plus considerable detail on numerical analysis methods.

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