For Sale: Book - Optical Fibers by Takanori Okoshi

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I am auctioning a hardbound book titled Optical Fibers by Takanori
Okoshi and published by Academic Press  ISBN is 0-12-525260-9 on Ebay.
To the best of my knowledge it is no longer available in print.  I
purchased this book new, and it is still in as-new condition.  Copies
that are not in perfect condition are currently listed on
for $44.00 to $175.00.

The Ebay Link is:

An excerpt from the preface to the book reads "This book describes the
theoretical basis (electomagnetic theories) of transmission
characteristics of optical fibers.  The material and fabrication
technologies are not described systematically, but only briefly where
necessary to assist comprehension of transmission characteristics.
....... This book is entitled simply "Optical Fibers."  If a more
lengthy but descriptive title were preferable, it would be "Analysis
and Design of Optical Fibers"."

Table of Contents:

1.  Introduction
2.  Basic Concepts and Equations
3.  Ray Theory of Optical Fibers
4.  Wave Theory of Uniform-Core Fibers
5.  Wave Theory of Nonuniform-Core Fibers
6.  Classification and Comparison of Various Analysis Methods
7.  Optimum Refractive-Index Profile of Optical Fibers
8.  Optical Fibers Having Sructural Fluctuations
9.   Measurement of Refractive-Index Profile of Optical Fibers
10. Measurement of Transmission Characteristics
11. Concluding Remarks

Please send any questions concerning this book through Ebay.

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