For Auction: Book - Optical Fibers by Takanori Okoshi

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I have the book Optical Fibers by Takanori Okoshi up for auction on
ISBN 0-12-525260-9
The book is in as-new condition.

Ebay Item No.:  7014386544

Re: For Auction: Book - Optical Fibers by Takanori Okoshi

I must apologize to this group.  It has been some time since I listed
anything for sale on Ebay.  I listed these items on Ebay with a notice
that I have a Personal Paypal Account and could accept Paypal cash
transfers but not credit cards.  I have used this wording often in the
past.  Much to my chagrin after listing these items and advising two
forums, metalworking and welding, I received an email from Ebay
indicating that I was breaking their rules by making such statements,
and consequently they removed my listings.  They were nice about it in
their email so I can't complain too much.  Although I didn't want to
get into the credit card thing, it looks like I will have to if I want
to use Paypal.  I do believe Paypal is attractive to many Buyers.  I
have signed up for a Pemier Paypal account and will relist the items.
When I do I will repost the information.

I hope that this may keep others from making the same mistake.

Again I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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