Flawed fiber-optic imaging patent?

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There's a patent claiming to image an object directly through a single fibe
r. If true, that would represent a significant breakthrough over the use of
 a imaging fiber-optic bundle. A PDF of the patent can be obtained by click
ing on the "download PDF" tab at this link:

I have read and reread this patent several times and for the life of me can
not understand what is being proposed. In my opinion, the patent is ambiguo
us and faulty in its reasoning. Am I missing anything?
Not surprisingly (imo), the company owning the patent describes its status  
as: "This patent is in a theoretical stage only and is intended to be used  
for transmitting images on fiber optics that might improve in orders of mag
nitude today?s capacity of fiber optics to transmit images and data." So  
it seems there is no working model. I questioned its validity on several fi
nancial forums devoted to the company and received a hostile reception by i
nvestors (even though none seem to understand how it's supposed to work). A
pparently, the awarding of a patent by the Patent Office conveys considerab
le crdibility in the eyes of the average layman.
Comments? How can a patent this flawed be awarded by the USPTO?  


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