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It is my great pleasure to use this opportunity to invite you to
submit your research for the 3rd FOAN that will take place in St.
Petersburg from 3th until 5th October 2012. This workshop is co-
locating with ICUMT 2012 (, which is an important event
in the world of Russian scientists in the field of telecommunications
and control.

Scope of workshop             -----------------

This workshop is specialized for usage of fiber-optic technologies in
access part of telecommunication network. Unlike researches in field
of base fiber optic technologies and systems where there are emphasis
on lager bandwidth and length of link, researches in field of access
fiber optic technologies and systems have other objectives and aims.
In this part of telecommunication there are four main elements:
lengths of links are around n*10 km (most commonly less than 10 km),
bit speeds are less the 1 Gbps (currently the speeds of n*10Mbps are
quite sufficient), economic feasibility and mass usage.

Usually these four elements are guidelines for workshop, but this year
organizers have planned to have workshop focus on three main elements:
=95   Physical layer of optical access networks;
=95   QoS and QoE of end point user and
=95   Home networking (In-house communications)
The summaries of FOAN 2010 and FOAN 2011 can be found at:
=95   - 1st FOAN (held in Moscow)
=95   - 2sn FOAN (held in
The slogan of this year=92s FOAN is =93Come, meet, share, learn and enjoy
St. Petersburg=94.

Publication of papers from FOAN 2012    ---------------

All accepted and presented papers on FOAN 2012 will be published in
IEEE xplore and selected papers will be published in special issue of
Journal =84Fiber and Integrated Optics=93.

Invited speakers                       ----------------

Like did last FOAN 2011 had invited speakers, so will this year FOAN
have invited speakers and its name will be announced later during the
year. FOAN 2011 had two inspiring and constructive lectures given by
professor Gerd Keisera (US) and Moon Ho Lee (Korea).

Committee                              ------------------

The Technical Program Committee (TPC) is composed out of
telecommunication network=92s experts=92 from this field form all over the
globe, and this internationally composed TPC is a guaranty for quality
of workshop.  Full list of TPC members can be found on:

For more information please feel free to visit us at

On behalf of organization committee,
Edvin Skaljo

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