Fiber diameter and polarized light

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There has been some discrepancy between a few folks I've talked to
about my application so I was hoping to see what some in this group

I have a small chunk of paramagnetic glass that I was going to have
pulled into a fiber as a custom operation. A 635nm POLARIZED laser will
be used as the light source, and a ploarimeter will measure changes to
the polarization state in the fiber due to various changes like Faraday

The question I have is: Can I use a 120um diameter fiber or will it
destroy the state of polarization? Obviously, cladding the fiber or
manufacturing any kind of graded index cladding will be expenisve. And
if I simply went to a smaller diameter (around 8-10um), would this fix
the problem? I would like a fiber at least 1 meter long, with the
option for much longer lengths.

Thanks for your help.

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