LAN causes PC to shut down

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I have just replaced motherboard & processor
Mobo = ECS Elite K8M800-M2

Everything works fine ntil....I try to connect the LAN.

I insert the ethernet cable and start the PC, all runs ok for a few
minutes - or until I try to open IE - then the computer just shuts down - no
freezing, no blue screen, just shutdown.

Whatsmore, I have to wait 5-10 mins before it will start again, hitting the
on button before then results in nothing whatsoever.

If I take the ethernet cable out and re-start, everything works OK

Any ideas anyone?????


Re: LAN causes PC to shut down

Ron O'Brien wrote:
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Maybe you have a fixed ip address that is conflicting with dhcp addresses?
If not, try resetting your router/dhcp controller.
or, delete all network settings and drivers and reload all.

Re: LAN causes PC to shut down

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That's bizarre, do you have any Power Over Ethernet ports on the
switch you are connected to?  The Linksys Poe solution, for instance,
is powered up all the time, instead of doing the 802.3af check for a
compatable client...

Sounds like that, or a wicked ground fault, or a short on the

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