Does Server need new Gigabit adapter?

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Our server has (2) onboard network adapters (one for internal LAN, one
for external) that are not gigabit - only 10/00. We are going to
purchase a Linksys SR2024 10/100/1000 Switch, and some of our
workstations have gigabit adapters.

The server is a file server with many CAD files that are accessed and
one other large shared Quickbooks file.

Do we have to install a gigabit network adapter for the Internal LAN in
our server or will the Gigabit switch take care of this - ie, is this a
bottleneck if we do not replace it?


Re: Does Server need new Gigabit adapter?

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The Gig switch will make it all "work" but it may not serve up files any
faster. It may be a little faster if it is just a better switch than the
one being replaced but you'd likely not notice.

To serve up CAD files faster you need Gig all the way through plus
computers and software at each end than can operate together in a way
that utilizes the faster "wire". CAD software file opening process,
workstation OS and hardware setup, server hardware, server OS, etc...

A few years back there was a old CAD translator program that was written
in the days of floppies. It would read some data, parse some data, read
some data, etc... Worked fine even on a hard drive, but was a disaster
over a 10 or 10/100 network. The timings were almost designed to fail.

Anyway most major current CAD programs are going to have been tested on
a Gig network / Server setup. But the less top brand you are the more
you might want to check first.

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