Basic Topology Problem

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hi guys. need help for an assignment.what type of network topology do i
use for a 8 story 500m building using just
a. ethernet cable (cat5e) and switches
b. token ring (cat4) and switches

given that each type of cabling has limits, i.e. cat5e can only go as far
as 100m or so.

Here's the picture of the problem:

Here's my possible solution:



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Re: Basic Topology Problem
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Token Ring? In 2012? You're joking right?

Does anybody even make Token Ring equipment anymore?

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The spec is maximum of 100m. 90m of structured wiring, and 10m of
patch cables.  It is not "100m or so"..

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Re: Basic Topology Problem
On Sun, 08 Jul 2012 06:32:35 +0000,
(xmark) wrote:

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is that 500m square or floor area of 500 square meters (just a bit of
scale difference)
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split it up into sections.

classic standard flood wiring uses UTP to user ports.
Since those are max 90m of fixed cable, you need a topology which
keeps each "home run" below 90m

Note these days this is really a building design problem and depends
on where the risers are, whether you need to flood wire the entire
floor or only part, where it is a simple square or hollow with a
central light well......- note cabling is commonly part of the fit

whatever floor setup you have the wiring concentrated into 1 or more
wiring closets (usually on each floor, but i have seen setups where 1
closet feeds a floor + the one above & below).

closets get connected into computer rooms or some other tech area in a
star setup, or a ring of physical cables.

pick a switch to connect "x" ports together - you might need more than
1 per closet - what you use depends on switch limits, user port speed,
uplink speed, contention ratio, allowable scope of a single point of
failure (and a few fudge factors). Step and repeat.

connect all your switches together at 1 or more star points, usually
with a bigger switch, maybe with fatter pipes.

variations are about
- where do the offsite links go,
- where do you connect servers
- whether you have 1,2, or 3 layers of switching,
- how much resilience at each layer,
- exploiting the advantages of whichever switch manufacturer you
decide to throw lots of money at.

Token ring - well nobody has made the adaptors for the latest PC
interface cards types ever, so you are going to struggle to come up
with a realistic modern design.

Rings ran at 4, 16 or very rarely 100 Mbps.
Ring size is limited by the number of attached devices, cabling types,
cable distance and speed by a fairly complicated formula)
(I had forgotten how much pain T/r is)
- then derate it by 25 to 50% if you want it to be reliable

Token ring switching was also a pain - the best way used ATM core
networks, switches and LAN emulation (which is more like a 3 month
test assignmient, not 1 night).
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